Nikola Savic





Lives and works in London

from 1998



Solo exhibitions


      2017        House of the Nobleman, paintings, Control Panel, London


      2016        Hay Hill, Mehta Bell Projects, paintings, Control Panel, London


      2015        House of Heritage, 'Sans Arret', paintings, Belgrade


      2015        The Bank of America Merrill Lynch, paintings, City of London


      2012         Salon-Vert London, ‘Switchroom’, stainless steel paintings, London


      2011         Zvono Gallery, ‘Ovations and Flying compositions’, paintings, Belgrade


      2011         St James’s Church, Zero 10 Gallery, Piccadilly, paintings, London


      2008         Museum of Contemporary Art, paintings, Belgrade


      2008         Zvono Gallery, paintings, Belgrade


2007                  The Burlington Club, paintings, London


      2006         Rollo Contemporary Art, (GEH) paintings, London              


      2005         Rollo Contemporary Art, paintings, London    


2001               Gallery Sanders and Gordon, paintings, London


   1998         Zvono Gallery, paintings, Belgrade


1997           Gallery SKC, installation, Belgrade


1997                   Zvono Gallery, paintings, Belgrade


1995                  Zvono Gallery, drawings, Belgrade


      1994         Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, drawings, Belgrade      



Group exhibitions


      2011        Gallery Zero 10, Cadavre Exquis, with Adam Ball, Gordon Cheung, and                    

                      Piers Secunda, paintings, London


      2010        Gallery Zero 10, Oblik (a), with Adam Ball, Sinta Tantra, and Jasmina                          

                      Cibic, paintings, London


      2010        FIFA World Cup, Fine Art 2010, with Mrdjan Bajic, Selena

                      Vickovic, Milos Gavrilovic and Ljiljana Drezga


      2010        Bonham’s, Vision 21, auction, paintings, London


      2010        Likovni Cukaricki Salon, Gallery 73, paintings, Belgrade


      2009        Moscow Art Fair, paintings, Gallery Zvono


      2009        Zvono Gallery, paintings, Belgrade


      2009         Flora Fairbairn Projects, ‘Metro-Land’ with Ian Monroe, Paul Archard, Henry                                  

                       Krokatsis, Zebedee Helm, Anna Bogon, Ryan Mosley and other 47 artists.

                       Curated by Flora Fairbairn and Rowena Chiu.


      2009         Flora Fairbairn Projects, 'At Home', paintings, London

                       Curated by Flora Fairbairn.


      2008         Zvono Gallery, paintings, Belgrade


      2008         Muzel de Arta Timisoara, 'Young Serbian Artist', paintings, Romania

                       With Nikola Bozovic, Nikola Pesic, Filip Radonjic and Igor Marsenic

                       Curated by Ljiljana Tadic.


      2008         Zvono Gallery, paintings, Belgrade


      2008         Bolzano Art Fair, paintings, Italy


      2008         Vienna Art Fair, paintings, Austria


      2008         Italian Cultural Centre Rome and Belgrade, paintings, Transart


      2008         Zvono Gallery, paintings, Belgrade


      2008         Gallery Nog, paintings, London 


2007         Art Cologne, paintings, Germany


                 Moscow Art Fair, paintings, Russia


                       Vienna Art Fair, paintings, Austria


     2006          Art Cologne, paintings, Germany


                        Ralph Lauren, drawings, London                        


                        Vienna Art Fair, drawings, Austria


     2005         Vienna Art Fair, paintings, Austria


                  Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, On Normality, paintings                                                                                                                     

                  Curated by Branislava Andjelkovic, Branislav Dimitrijevic and Dejan Sretenovic


2004                   Royal Summer Exhibition , paintings, at The Royal Academy    

of Arts, curated by David Hockney and Allen Jones, London


                 Art Auction ‘Save the Ocean’, Old Billingsgate Market, drawing, Abigail Lane,     

                 Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor, etc, London


                  Contemporary Art Society, Art Futures, paintings, London


2003          October Salon 2003, paintings, Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric                                            

                        Curated by Lidija Merenik, Belgrade


2002               Contemporary Art Society, Art Futures, paintings, London                               


                Lethaby Gallery, ‘The Painting Class’, CSM, paintings, London  


                  Flora Fairbairn & Tom Astor Projects, Gimme 5, WS-project, paintings,



2001              Museum of  Contemporary Art Belgrade, Nineties, paintings, Belgrade                   

                       Curated by Svetlana Jovanovic


2000          Unesco Gallery, ‘At the End’, paintings, Paris

                 Curated by Jovan Despotovic


           Atkinson Gallery, Thirty Best Postgraduates in the UK, paintings,        

                       Ida Branson Memorial Bequest, Somerset, England  


                       Gallery Park Lane, ‘Outer spaces, Outer shape’, paintings, London     



1999          Free for All, paintings, selection of MA Fine Art students,



                     Third Yugoslav Biennial of Art, paintings, Soros Centre,                                


                        Kerosene Group 2, paintings, curated by Nikola Savic,            



                  Seven Actual Artists, paintings, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade    

                  Curated by Svetlana Jovanovic                    


1996                    Kerosene Group 1, paintings, curated by Nikola Savic, Belgrade



1996                    Workshop 13, paintings, Association of Young Artists Belgrade, Palace of Princess Milice


1995                    Workshop 13, paintings, Abundant  Sugar Factory, Belgrade














Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade

The American Embassy, Belgrade                                                                                   

Dr. Takashige Shimizu, Japan                                

Christiaan Rook, London

The Bank of America, London

European Diamonds Plc, London

Gallery Rollo Contemporary, London

John Jones Collection, London

Salon Vert, London

Alexei Sitnikov, Moscow

HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar of Serbia

Radix Collection, Belgrade

Gallery Zvono, Belgrade

Private collections USA, RUSSIA, UAE and Europe






MA Fine Art, Central St Martin’s College Of Art, London



BA Fine Art, Academy Of Fine Art, Belgrade





2011 Interviews-Artists Vol.4 (December 2011)

(a gathering of two decade’s interviews)

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2011 October

Artists Interviews Vol.3 (October 2011)

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2011 The Man Magazine

New Painters


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Supplement ‘How to spend it’

Article ‘Cracking Art at the cutting Edge’

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2004 July

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Nikola Savic at the RSE

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Royal Summer Exhibition


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